Company Information

Our Mission

ACuPowder’s Mission is to always exceed customer expectations, remain the #1 supplier in our chosen markets, provide a stable and safe environment for our employees and maximize shareholder value through continuous process, product and service improvements.

Safety & Environmental Policy

We strongly believe that ACuPowder has a fundamental responsibility and commitment to protect and nurture its two most valuable assets - its employees and its environment. The employee’s individual safety and health, combined with safekeeping of our environment, is of the utmost importance.

In addition to our obvious social responsibilities, ACuPowder has both a duty and important self-interest to take every conceivable and justifiable step to prevent the pollution of our environment. ACuPowder will strive for, and is committed to, achieving regulatory compliance at all times, and is committed to continual improvement. The application of sound safety and environmental principles not only improves the well being of the employee and community, but also results in greater efficiency, increased productivity, and improved profitability. Compliance with this policy is the responsibility of every employee.

Company Profile

  • ACuPowder International, LLC
    • Union, NJ
    • 25 miles SW of New York City